Looking For You


I looked for it at the bottom of a bottle

but it could not be found.

I looked for it in the unmade bed of an unmade man

but it could not be found.

I was tempted to look for it through the needle of a syringe,

to minimise my perspective and heighten my senses

but still,

it could not be found.

There’s no GPS location, or “places you might like” page

to direct me to the place where my soul might get some rest.

I’m weary.

My body has been beaten black and blue

by the cruel winds of an unforgiving world.

And then in the darkness

interrupting my searching


You, the light in my darkness.

You, who claims to be counsellor and friend.

You, who sought after me; a lacking and unworthy sinner.

In the spaces between the ink on the page

I see it.

At night when you visit me

I feel it.

I need it.

I need you!

I need your peace to finally quiet the rage in my mind.


I need that simple, undeserved but freely given


By Rhesa Ojomoh