What is unconditional love?

Imagine you meet a leader who leaves his palace to walk with you.

You get to know his kindness over time. He has great responsibility at the palace but he is willing to spend as much time you as you want with him.

Although he provides you with food and friends from the palace, you sometimes forget about him. Despite forgetting him and losing your temper with him again and again, he accepts your apology each time with a smile.

He has power over his kingdom and many great kings and leaders are at his mercy.

Instead of searching for riches or worldly approval, he chooses to walk with you.

You admire him because he challenges the powerful and rich who exploit the poor and shun the marginalised.

One day, you ask him. ‘What is love?’

He gets on his knees and begins to wash your feet. You feel embarrassed. You have been wearing sandals all day in the heat. Your feet are muddy and smelly.

The days begin to darken and people are hurting.

Your friend says he can take away the pain by dying for everyone. You feel confused and upset. But one day, it all made sense.


Love, forgiveness and sacrifice. This is what unconditional love looks like. This is a short abstract story based on Jesus’ humble and servant-like character. He was a leader and had many followers, yet he washed his disciple’s feet, served the marginalised and died for the people. Have you ever heard of a leader like that?

John 15:13 ‘No one has a love greater than this, to lay down your life for your friends.’

By Ella Johnson

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