Achieving goals is in the everyday

It is too easy in a world full of distractions, addictive TV series and stressful jobs, to bury our heads in the sand and let time slip away. I heard someone say: ‘what do you want your reputation to be at the end of 2018? It doesn’t have to be the same reputation as it was at the end of 2017’. I often imagine how I want people to see me. I envision big dramatic achievements such as getting an impressive  job, running a marathon or campaigning publicly. But when you rely on fantasies, wait for motivation or life changing epiphanies, you are waiting for something rare to happen, rather than making it happen.

Motivation isn’t going to leap into your life one day. You won’t suddenly change. Wait on God, listen to him, but don’t anticipate sudden changes or inspirations. It’s the everyday, the little actions, the constant effort in pursuing a life for God and making a difference that will result in actions and results. No part of your life is unimportant!

When I first moved to Portsmouth, I planned to learn to drive and start volunteering alongside work. I spent time imagining it and waiting for the opportunity to spring upon me. Instead, the reality of my everyday was getting home from work, food shopping, cooking and going to bed. We all make time for Facebook and a TV series. It’s easy to make time for things that are easy. Although it’s tough and everyone struggles with procrastination we can, if we want, make time for serving God or serving a cause if we do something today and tomorrow!

In every situation, no matter how insignificant, what would Jesus do?  Forgiving, spontaneously buying someone flowers, sharing your lunch, giving someone a lift, texting an old friend or giving to the needy should be a way of life rather than an occasion. God values these little things as much as big jobs, achieving a degree or giving a large sum to charity. It is the  little everyday things that make you who you are. The little things determine what people think of you.

As a Christian it is the consistent little actions that project the image of God. Finally, the ultimate motivation for Christians is Jesus dying for us so that we could enter eternal paradise sin free. He died for the world but if you were the only one, he still would have died for you!

Thank you, Lord, that any burden can be lifted by you. Help us achieve our goals by guiding us through the everyday.


By Ella Johnson

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