Called to Love: An Interview

We recently posted an article about God calling us to love people in our community. So, here’s an interview with Chris Scales from Leicester. He’s been showing God’s love to a number of refugees through a ministry called Lighthhouse, which takes place at his church.

How have you been showing God’s love to the community?

At Lighthouse we have been showing God’s love to our community by welcoming refugees and asylum seekers. We have a meal once a month, play games and make new friends. Our guests have gone through many difficulties in their lives, and we want them to feel welcome and loved.

What’s your favourite moment so far?

My favourite moment was when we had our Christmas ball recently. We had around 80 guests come along. It was nice to make people feel special and see people dressed smart and having a good time. I also enjoyed seeing people’s excitement as Father Christmas came and gave out presents.

Have you faced any obstacles?

I wouldn’t say that I’ve faced big obstacles. I think for me this is my first time leading something, so I’m learning as I’m leading. It can sometimes be challenging coming up with new ideas and having the responsibility of being a leader. But I’ve learnt about the importance of having a team and sharing roles.

What advice would you give to someone who feels like God has told them to do something like this?

My advice would be to pray about it and chat to people who’s opinion you trust, and see if they think it is a good idea as well. Then start to plan something small and work from there. Also, if there is an area you are interested in, it’s good to find an organisation that’s already doing it and volunteer with them to get some experience before you start something. Before I started Lighthouse, I used to volunteer with an organisation that helps refugees and asylum seekers.

Has it all been worth it?

Yes! It was one of my best decisions to start Lighthouse. When you step out and do something that God has put on your heart it is always worth it. I’ve met so many great people from all over the world and I love what we do. I also enjoy working with my amazing team.

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