Unconditional Love and Reassuring Grace

Love is everywhere in God’s world. Love is the base, the foundation of Christianity. I personally feel God’s love most in times of despair. When I’ve felt lonely or I’ve lost confidence after receiving a rejection from a job opportunity or a disappointing grade, I see a kind smile in my mind and words from God bounce into my head, such as ‘it will be ok’, or ‘I’ve got you’ or ‘I have a plan for you’. This is wonderfully comforting and I begin to feel positive and trust that God has got me. I felt God’s love physically when I was sixteen at a Christian summer festival. I was lying down and I felt a sensation of love and comfort, as if someone was holding my hand and loving me to the greatest extent that there could ever be. It felt emotional but calming and kind.

The greatest love that God shows us is the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ. You may have heard this phrase repeated over and over, losing its meaning, or you may have never understood why this sacrifice is such a big deal. It is unique to Christianity. It is the idea that humans were initially separated from God and heaven due to sin. In response to this, God came to earth in human form so that he could truly experience life on earth and endure suffering, persecution and temptation. He died a painful, slow death on a cross for our sins and to restore the relationship between God and man. It is described in John chapter 4 verse 10 ‘He [God] loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins’. Finally, the way that you are saved through Jesus is described as Grace. Grace is undeserved favour. Not only is God ‘merciful’ and ‘slow to anger’ (Psalm 86:15) but He loves you unconditionally as a gift, not because of your actions. Whoever you are and whatever you have done, God loves you and likes you.

I pray that after reading this you have learnt that God loves and likes you unconditionally and that you accept His invitation of a loving relationship with Him. Amen.

By Ella Johnson

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