God’s Mission Of Love

For different people, the term Christianity brings various thoughts to mind. Some may be thinking, ‘I don’t get why my friend prays to a God that she or he can’t see’ and ‘wait, so Jesus is God and man at the same time and he died for the whole world? I don’t believe that.’  After all, Christianity is just a religion; it has a holy book and an omnipresent God. But when the Christian faith is simply viewed through the lens of unbreakable rules and an indifferent magical God, watching the world from above on a fluffy cloud, the beautiful essence of Christianity is missed.

There is a special and remarkable aspect to Christianity, a trait that upholds and sets it apart. This faith that many have clung to is not merely a religion: it is God’s mission of love since Adam and Eve were separated from Him in The Garden of Eden, which altered  the close fellowship between God and mankind. As such, God can be likened to a parent who yearns for a restored relationship with their son or daughter. So, because ‘God so loved the world… He gave His one and only Son… (John 3:16).’ Love was behind God’s great plan. This love is personified through Jesus.

Do you remember that nativity play you were in during primary school? Well, this is no holiday tale to warm the heart or bring a tear to the eye for a few moments. The birth of a child in a stable changed the entire world. In the form of a baby, Jesus, both man and God, stepped down from His heavenly throne to live among us. Some of you may know Him as a great teacher or a historical figure. The list doesn’t end here. Jesus was a friend to the lonely, a healer of the sick, a comforter to the broken-hearted and a revolutionist who revealed a different way of being close to God.

Whether Jesus’ love is returned or not, He feels deeply for us. In the pleasant and difficult times, Jesus’ indescribable warmth for you remains the same. Even when friendships and relationships are devoid of emotion and people let you down (this is bound to happen), one promise remains true: when you search for Jesus with all your heart you’ll find a love so incomparable to any human relationship, and there is no greater love.

I pray that you’ll be filled with Jesus’ love as you read this. I pray that His love will completely change your life. Amen.

By Chermaine Sowah

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